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Green Recipes Galore

I have been scrambling for different ways to eat greens and/or sneak greens into meals outside of the regular salad.  Don’t get me wrong — I love a good salad.  I get lots of compliments on the big pretty salads that I pack in my work lunchbox.   Those pretty little radishes this week were quite tasty.

However, I had no idea what to do with the kohlrabi greens.   But, I knew just based on the fact that the veggie box had a HUGE stalk of greens on the kohlrabi last week that those dazzling emerald leafs were meant to eaten.

Turns out you can do lots of things with greens!  Check this:  Recipes for Greens.  The possibilities are endless!

I chose to add the kohlrabi to a chicken teriyaki stir fry.   The hubby and the boy didn’t fully complain.   I also stuck in some turnips and green garlic on this one.   The turnips were a little mushy but not bad.

I chopped up a whole bag of kale into the spring greens mix and just disguised it as salad.   My husband didn’t mention noticing it so that’s a win.

Another bag of kale went into my version of the Olive Garden’s zuppa tuscano.  Yum.  My son actually loved this.   LOVED IT.   Can’t go wrong with Olive Garden soup and bread sticks.   Nom nom.

What new foods did you try this week?



Un-Beet-Able Turnips

Allrighty … here’s to the turnip challenge.   I have to admit that I have been a little lazy in attempting any creativity in this area because I wasn’t very excited about turnips in general.

I have had success and am so glad to share it with you!  Welcome to tasty turnip heaven.


Really?  Turnips?  Oh, ya.  Just wait … it gets better … I combined them with beets.  I know, I know.  Please contain your excitement.  This is serious root vegetable overload.


I kept seeing roasted turnip recipes online and already knew how great beets are when roasted so I thought this might make for a nice combination.  And, I added in a quick trick.

Listen carefully.  Par boil turnips for about 20 minutes, whole, before you do anything with them.  This will take some of that bitter dirt taste that has given turnips a bad rap in the past.  I did the same for the beets (but not as long) just to soften them up and not take too much flavor away from them.


I think the beet slices were so pretty.  I love that color.

I decided to just bake them both together with a little bit of grated cheese to bind them.  I left them as layers just because of the colors.


I sprinkled a tiny amount of balsamic vinegar on the beets.  It turned out to be sweet perfection.


Next time, I think I will make a butter roux or some kind of gravy because it needed a little sumthin’ extra.  But, keep it simple because the flavors here were awesome all on their own. Hearty goodness. Yum!  This was solid comfort food.


Would you like to try a bite?

Week Four and a Salad Spinner

The excitement of Thursday’s CSA box hasn’t worn off yet.   I look forward to this day all week!    (Kind of nice to have something exciting to think about rather than the mundane Thursday drive home.)   Here’s this week’s batch of goodies:

What’s in there?   Organic Ovation (everyone stand please) Greens, Carrots (I actually yelled YIPPEE! at the CSA girl when I saw these.  Awkward.), Tango Lettuce, Chard, Green Garlic, Turnips, Cilantro (YUM), Rhubarb (what am I going to do with that?), Kale and … get ready …  Thyme! (if it were only so easy to get extra time, haha)

OK.   First things first, what the heck is a Organic Ovation Green?   Hmmmm … they look like braising greens or most any other greens to me.   According to the handy dandy newsletter, Ovation Greens are a mix of Red Mustard, Mizuna, Tatsoi, Kale and Arugula.   How about a round of applause for that?

The real treat for tonight was my newly purchased salad spinner.   Let me remind you that I thought these things were dumb and I have thrown them away in the past because I never used them.   Tonight, I learned a new trick.   My three year old son showed me how to use it and we laughed and laughed and laughed.

He even just ate lettuce for no good reason.   He’s THREE!  Do you know any pre-schoolers that say “YUM!  Lettuce!”?   I doubt it.

We played with this ridiculous contraption for about an hour.   Just spinning and stopping and munching and spinning and laughing.

I don’t think I could have ever imagined that a stupid salad spinner could bring this much joy.   And, clean, dry lettuce.

Eehhhh. What’s Up, Doc?

I wish my camera had smell-o-vision.  These carrots are the best smelling little nuggets I have ever sniffed!  Really.  And, the tops are completely gorgeous, don’t ya think?

Today is the last day of my first CSA week and I  thought I better take inventory of what was left.  Some greens and these carrots.  We did a pretty good job eating our veggies this week.  And, we liked it!

My family members are carnivores at heart so we had a flank steak marinating in teriyaki and soy sauce just waiting for the grill at dinner tonight.  My mission was to find a way to finish off the veggies with our meal.  (And, get ready for a whole new box tomorrow!)

My perfect little carrots became the best hot pocket for the grill.  All I did was wrap them up in foil with a little sprinkle of fresh, local honey.

I don’t have enough words to describe how heavenly they were.  Sweet, tender, just a hint of honey-carmelization.  (go ahead and drool)

And, to add to my wonderful feast, I have chard, turnip and beet greens.  I added some (not local) baby bella mushrooms and prepared to wilt them gently with some saved bacon drippings.

Now, here’s where I created some magic.  Listen carefully.

When I was little, my Grammy always made greens in the summer.  She was from the south so greens are there own separate category of food.  And, because she was my Grammy, she made the best greens on the planet.  I called them ‘weeds’ and would beg to have ‘weeds’ for dinner all winter until we could get fresh ones.  They tasted so good.

Tonight, I figured it out.  I figured out how to cook weeds!  I knew it was bacon grease but the secret ingredients that I had missed out on until now are:  APPLE CIDER VINEGAR AND SUGAR.

Dinner made me miss my Grammy so much.  I know she would have been proud of me tonight.  My belly is full of love and good food.

Is there a special recipe you have been trying to figure out?  Maybe, we can find it together.