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The Kase for Kohlrabi

Well, the weekend is gone again and I didn’t spend much time trying new recipes.   But, I did try the kohlrabi raw.   I just peeled it and cut it up to eat.    I expected it to be like a radish.

Surprise, it actually tasted like the center of a cut cabbage.   And, this was a treat.   I remember when my Grammy would make coleslaw and I would hover around the kitchen hoping to get the core.   That seems ridiculous now but I do remember that being a special treat.    Plus, it was attention from my Grammy.   She was the bomb-diddy so anything Grammy did was great.   I have a feeling that she would like kohlrabi.

I was working on dinner at the time and made little side salads for us.   Here’s Little Dude’s:

And, to my shock and amazement, Little Dude begged to have a snack before dinner and actually ate his salad first!  (I’m a proud Momma.)   He offered to share and then made a carrot face.   He’s three.   What else can you expect while I’m standing around pointing a camera at him?