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Green Recipes Galore

I have been scrambling for different ways to eat greens and/or sneak greens into meals outside of the regular salad.  Don’t get me wrong — I love a good salad.  I get lots of compliments on the big pretty salads that I pack in my work lunchbox.   Those pretty little radishes this week were quite tasty.

However, I had no idea what to do with the kohlrabi greens.   But, I knew just based on the fact that the veggie box had a HUGE stalk of greens on the kohlrabi last week that those dazzling emerald leafs were meant to eaten.

Turns out you can do lots of things with greens!  Check this:  Recipes for Greens.  The possibilities are endless!

I chose to add the kohlrabi to a chicken teriyaki stir fry.   The hubby and the boy didn’t fully complain.   I also stuck in some turnips and green garlic on this one.   The turnips were a little mushy but not bad.

I chopped up a whole bag of kale into the spring greens mix and just disguised it as salad.   My husband didn’t mention noticing it so that’s a win.

Another bag of kale went into my version of the Olive Garden’s zuppa tuscano.  Yum.  My son actually loved this.   LOVED IT.   Can’t go wrong with Olive Garden soup and bread sticks.   Nom nom.

What new foods did you try this week?



Great Basin Basket Share, Week Three

What’s in the box this week?   All sorts of goodies!

Jericho Romaine Lettuce – Pick’n & Grin’n Farm @ Lattin Farms
Hakurei Turnips – Pick’n & Grin’n Farm @ Lattin Farms
Green Garlic – Lattin Farms
French Tarragon  – The Green Man
French Breakfast Radishes – Pioneer Farms
Kohlrabi – Pioneer Farms
Gourmet Lettuce Mix – Pick’n & Grin’n Farm @ Lattin Farms
Sunflower Shoots – Dayton Valley Aquaponics
Darkibor Kale – Pick’n & Grin’n @ Lattin Farms

Stone Ground Wheat Bread by The Bread Lady and fresh eggs from Lahontan Farms

Talk about a fun week of tasty things you don’t see everyday!   I love that there were more sunflower shoots — I can just eat them straight out of the box.   BUT, I was really looking forward to the kohlrabi this week.   Mmmmmm.   This is a truly unique thing.   I remember having it a few years ago during the last CSA round but I don’t see it at the store very often.  (And, who knows how far it traveled to get there??)

Aren’t the little French breakfast radishes pretty??

Now, on to this kohlrabi matter … last time, I just ate the root, sort of as shown below.  Trim it up and it’s like a radish-apple-green flavor.   You can cook them if you want but I literally just ate it straight up like nothing.   Yum-O-fresh-O.

I did notice that there were a TON of greens on the top and discovered (after quick Google) that you can eat those too.   Sooooo, I saved them for recipe experiment later.

Extra! Extra!   How about a better look at this luscious bread we have been getting every week?   It is wonderful.   Stone ground wheat by The Bread Lady.

And, in case I have not said it enough … these sunflower shoots are the bomb-diggity.

The Kase for Kohlrabi

Well, the weekend is gone again and I didn’t spend much time trying new recipes.   But, I did try the kohlrabi raw.   I just peeled it and cut it up to eat.    I expected it to be like a radish.

Surprise, it actually tasted like the center of a cut cabbage.   And, this was a treat.   I remember when my Grammy would make coleslaw and I would hover around the kitchen hoping to get the core.   That seems ridiculous now but I do remember that being a special treat.    Plus, it was attention from my Grammy.   She was the bomb-diddy so anything Grammy did was great.   I have a feeling that she would like kohlrabi.

I was working on dinner at the time and made little side salads for us.   Here’s Little Dude’s:

And, to my shock and amazement, Little Dude begged to have a snack before dinner and actually ate his salad first!  (I’m a proud Momma.)   He offered to share and then made a carrot face.   He’s three.   What else can you expect while I’m standing around pointing a camera at him?

Week Eight

So, what’s in the box?


This week’s CSA goodies are:
chard, lettuce, green garlic, kale, shallots, beets, carrots, radishes, mint, chives, green onions and kohlrabi

What the heck is kohlrabi???


It sort of looks like a turnip or a fennel bulb.  Kinda.

The CSA newsletter suggests eating it raw like a radish or in a coleslaw.  I also saw a recipe to bake it and make kohlrabi fries.  Hmmmm.  We’ll see … What do you recommend?