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The Sprouts Keep Growing

It has been a couple of weeks so I thought I would check in and let everyone know how the sprouts are doing.    Current status:  pretty darn good.

The weather here is fairly unpredictable and, in between snow showers, it has hit the 90 degree mark.   ( Ya, I know.   Too weird.)

We made a bird netting system to keep the big pests out and take the tops of the mini greenhouses off when it gets hot.   It’s a pretty simple cover rig so we can switch it right back when the weather flip flops and we need the greenhouse lids again.imageI am happy to report that I have three kinds of lettuce, kale, carrots, green beans, cilantro and chives all doing their sprout-y business.


I’m pretty proud of my pepper sprouts in the milk jug greenhouses.   They are coming along but I haven’t braved cutting the tops all the way off just yet.   Maybe, next month.   In the meantime, I take the top lids of the milk jugs off on the hot days for extra ventilation.    Otherwise, they get steamy little saunas all day.   I think they like it.   The nights are still pretty cool here so they are getting the full range.   (And, that’s why they are so hard to grow from seed here.   Wish me luck!)

imageSoooooo, tell me … how are your gardening adventures coming along this year?


The Long, Dry Winter

Hello … is anyone still out there?

It has been a while since I’ve dusted off the keys and posted something on this site.   I’ve been busy.   Ha ha, haven’t we all?

And, because of that, things are under construction here at “Fresh Veggies.”   I will not be subscribing to a CSA this year.   I will be attempting to kill (uh, grow) my own veggies.

WHAT??!  WHY?   Don’t I still love Lattin Farms?   Yes, I love Lattin Farms.   And, mostly likely, I will still purchase their offerings this year.   But, I’m not doing the CSA.   Because of the current drought and water allocation for Lattin Farms, the growing season will be shorter and limited.   Sooooooo … I’m going to tough it out in the suburbs and figure out how to make things grow, too.

My husband also has a green thumb.   We are in this together.   And, he’s handy so he built me some mini-greenhouses to get started.

Here’s what I’ve got going on so far:

PVC fixin's to get the greenhouses together

PVC fixin’s to get the greenhouses together

Recycled old milk jugs for mini-hot houses

Recycled old milk jugs for mini-hot houses

Greenhouse bases with plastic lining

Greenhouse bases with plastic lining

Good garden soil

Good garden soil

Seeds planted, lids on ... grow babies grow!

Seeds planted, lids on … grow babies grow!

Personal saunas for future transplants

Personal saunas for future transplants


Are you wondering what I have planted in my little greenhouses?   Stay tuned … if they ever actually grow, I’ll report back.   If not, I’ll be shopping at Lattin Farms.   Either way, all good.

What are you planting this year?

Field Trip to Lattin Farms

Woo hoo!    I took a field trip to visit Lattin Farms in Fallon, Nevada.   This is where the magical veggies in my weekly CSA box are born.   It is about an hour from my house and the area is a mini greenbelt for Nevada.  The fine folks at Lattin Farms host all kinds of events throughout the year.   It is a fun, little farm to visit on almost any day.   And, even when the crops aren’t all going, you can drop by for a quick bite to eat from the country kitchen.

There was a ladies luncheon going on when we stopped by to the visit so the staff were very busy.  After we went inside and asked for permission to wander around for pictures, we were told to make ourselves at home.   It’s a pretty friendly place.   There was a box of freshies on the porch just like my CSA box where I noticed this and I definitely think it shows what kind of family farm it is:

I have a feeling that this plastic jug is rarely ever short of what the sale is supposed to be.   Respect and honor it.  We did.  $4 for some snacks, all good.

It is still very early in the season here in Northern Nevada so there was more going on in hoops and greenhouses than in the ground but it was still pretty fun just the same.   Later in the year, there is a bigger store for all of the produce and a area where I they do events, classes, etc.   My favorite time to visit is actually in the fall for the corn maze.   Stay tuned for that one in October.   Lattin Farms does this up right every year!

In the meantime, here’s what they are growing:

One of the greenhouses … growing most of my greens and other CSA goodies.

Looks like some peppers are getting ready to be transplanted.

A few things are growing in the planter boxes.

And, someone has a sense of humor …

I think most people are surprised to find this happening little green spot in the desert. There are always issues with water and whatnot. But, I love it out here.

My friend Kristen loves these goats. This picture is pretty much just for her.

I didn’t check to see if it was ‘real.’ Ha ha.

If you knew how windy it gets in Nevada, you would respect that this is intact. I wonder what’s hiding in there?