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Great Basin Basket Share, Week Five

What’s in the box?

Green Garlic – Lattin Farms
Hakurei Turnips – Pick’n & Grin’n @ Lattin Farms
Broccoli – Pioneer Farms
Green Cabbage or Napa Cabbage – Pioneer Farms
Darkibor Kale – Pick’n & Grin’n @ Lattin Farms
Sunflower Shoots – Dayton Valley Aquaponics
Gourmet Lettuce – Pick’n & Grin’n @ Lattin Farms
Jericho Romaine – Pick’n & Grin’n @ Lattin Farms
Assorted Herbs – Lattin Farms

I have my add on items … bread, teriyaki beef jerky and a salted caramel-pretzel crust brownie.   OH!  And, eggs from Lahontan Farms that are somehow not in the photo.   This is a new thing on the basket share for me.  The weekly add-on items change and you order them in advance.   Fun, local, yummy stuff!

This week includes the beef share.   It was a full cooler load from York’s Meats in Fallon.

The packages range in portion size but included top sirloin (x2), rib steaks, chuck steak, carne asada (x2), ground beef (x5), and chuck roast.

We are pretty excited to try some Nevada beef — especially after a few weeks of heavy greens.



Great Basin Basket CSA, Autumn Week 2 (10/10/13)



This week’s goodies are definitely feeling more like the autumn harvest.   And, I’m loving it!



What did we get?   (All organic) acorn squash, mixed greens, early girl tomatoes, mixed peppers, green leaf lettuce, shallots, popcorn on the cob, thyme, radishes from River Bend Farms, onions from Peri & Sons, potatoes from Workman Farms and broccoli from Nevada Fresh Pak

Just look at the popcorn on the cob!   The instructions said to let it continue to dry until Christmas.   Last year, we just put it in a brown paper bag and microwaved it.   Fun!



Radishes, have I told you lately that I love you?   I do.



This is the first time I have seen broccoli from Nevada Fresh Pak.   It looks good!



The newsletter/instruction sheet this week has some great recipe ideas so look forward to seeing some posts about roast beef and veggies, maybe some broccoli soup and definitely a stuffed baked acorn squash.   I’m feeling all chef-like so I think I might even try my hand as some hot sauce.   Spicy!

What are you plans for this week?

Did You Know Broccoli Needs to Breathe?

Summer CSA Week #4

Holy Hot August Nights.   It is too warm outside.  Summer is definitely here.   Let’s see what they have been growing out in Fallon:

That’s a pretty beautiful bounty, isn’t it?

This week’s box of garden goodness from the desert includes:

an arava melon (that cantaloupe looking thing), slicing cucumbers, a mini-peck or plethora of peppers (I like alliteration.  Sue me.), sweet corn, patty pan summer squash (I started to rhyme with the peppers on this one but decided that was just silly.), cherry tomatoes, red slicing tomatoes, mixed Japanese eggplant (no clue what that means–mixed?  They look the same to me.), parsley, lettuce (perfect for decorating a sandwich), carrots, broccoli and a yellow doll watermelon (if you have been paying attention to my other posts, go ahead and assume that I will eat this for dinner.  By. My. Self.)   This week is an off week (there are two) for the full fruit shares so the watermelon and arava melon are part of the regular share.

My husband loves corn.   These wonderful ears of summer didn’t even make it into the house before he was scooping them up to put them on the grill.   They were tasty-licious good.    I like them plain.   He likes a lot of butter and does this to it.  I am posting this picture just for InHerChucks.   See?

Either way, the corn was good.

At any rate, while I was typing this post and thinking of a wonderful corn-related titles or witty corn things to say, I read the ‘instructions’ for this week’s CSA loot.

“Note–We have bagged the broccoli for travel.  Once you get home, remove from bags, allow to breathe in the refrigerator.”

Panic!  I was a bad broccoli owner and foolishly just shoved the broccoli into the fridge.   Was it suffocating?   I ran downstairs and poked a big hole in the bag.   Whew.   That was a close one.

Then, I closed the refrigerator door.

Wait …

Oh, well.

Chicken Broccoli Mushroom Bread Bake

This idea came from my CSA’s weekly newsletter.   They have a very nice blog post that includes the recipe HERE.   If you have been paying attention to my other blog posts, I don’t do well following instructions so, of course, I modified the recipe just a bit.   This issue follows me through most of the other areas in my life.   Oh, well.   I am who I am.

Here are my changes:

I thought we were going to make calzones a couple of weeks ago so I had some pre-made pizza dough in my fridge.   I used that instead of the crescent roll dough in the recipe.   I added the fresh mushroom from my CSA box and I used cream of mushroom soup  instead of mayonnaise.   And, I didn’t do the fancy braid mentioned in the recipe.   That just sounded like work and, frankly, the instructions were confusing to me.

Other notes:   The time factor was a little higher for me than expected.   Cooking the chicken took forever (it seemed) but the rest of the cleaning, chopping, fussing with the dough wasn’t that bad.  I mixed the broccoli, cheese, spices, etc and just spread it out on the dough and folded it over before adding the egg wash to the outside.   Not complicated but a little tedious.

So, on to the photos (because I know that’s really what you want to see) …

Mushrooms are very photogenic.  I am just learning this.   I never thought I would be taking this many pictures of vegetables in my life!

The eeewwy-gooey factor was high on this dish and the flavor was just as yummy.

I overstuffed it a bit but am pretty happy with the results.   This is a good make ahead and reheat idea.   If you are really organized, you could get it done in an hour to make on a weeknight.   It ended up baking for about twenty minutes at 400 degrees.

I love cheesy, baked things so this recipe will definitely make the regular rotation.   Will you try it?

Sunday Food Prep

Yup.   It’s Sunday again … and that means prepping for next week’s dinners and lunches.   I added the beets to the mix this week and made a mini-broccoli salad.   I’m thinking about adding some grilled chicken to that one with french dressing.   (Tasty!)

I always feel like I should own stock in the Gladware company.   My fridge is packed with little containers.   I don’t miss the hassle and expense of Tupperware at all.

And, I am marinating some flank steak and zucchini for the grill:

We ended up having that for tonight’s dinner but the pictures didn’t get taken … it was GOOD.   So good that I forgot to snap a shot.  Ooops.

Now, I still have a big bag of kale that I want to do something different with later this week.   Any ideas?

What’s in the Box? Week Nine of the CSA Spring Subscription


Oh sweet lord of the veggies … you heard my prayers.   There is a new mushroom in my CSA box this week!   Can you see it all pretty in its little corsage box?   I can’t wait to get this bad boy home.

Can you believe this is Week Nine already?   Only one more week left of the “Spring Subscription” and then we have a no-box week over the 4th of July.   I’m looking forward to the “Summer” boxes and, of course, THE FRUIT SUBSCRIPTION.   I know a little boy at my house that is pretty excited about that, too.

This week’s box includes:

gourmet lettuce mix, braising mix, carrots, green garlic, swiss chard, beets, basil, zucchini, cucumbers, broccoli, arugula and (aaaa-AAAA-AAAAAHHH!) a box of Hiratake mushrooms from Sierra’s Edibles.   I haven’t been out to the Sierra Edibles Farm but it might be worth the drive to Wellington, NV, to check it out … Google that one.   Wellington is in the boonies!

Cucumbers!  Yum!    Once again, I was ridiculously giddy when I picked up the CSA box and the volunteer indulged me by sharing her veggie stories.   Apparently, she is a big fan of lemon cucumbers, too.   (Seriously, I have found my people here.   I LOVE LEMON CUCUMBERS!)   And, when my eyes lit up, she confirmed that there were lemon cucumbers in the CSA boxes last year.   OHMYCUKES!   I can’t wait.


Broccoli!  There is a really tasty looking recipe for a chicken broccoli stuffed bread that I am thinking that will suit my family just fine.   Nom.


Any one love cucumbers and broccoli as much as me?    Any good recipes you are dying to share?   I love all of the comments and feedback that people have posted so let me know!