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Great Basin Basket Share, Week Five

What’s in the box?

Green Garlic – Lattin Farms
Hakurei Turnips – Pick’n & Grin’n @ Lattin Farms
Broccoli – Pioneer Farms
Green Cabbage or Napa Cabbage – Pioneer Farms
Darkibor Kale – Pick’n & Grin’n @ Lattin Farms
Sunflower Shoots – Dayton Valley Aquaponics
Gourmet Lettuce – Pick’n & Grin’n @ Lattin Farms
Jericho Romaine – Pick’n & Grin’n @ Lattin Farms
Assorted Herbs – Lattin Farms

I have my add on items … bread, teriyaki beef jerky and a salted caramel-pretzel crust brownie.   OH!  And, eggs from Lahontan Farms that are somehow not in the photo.   This is a new thing on the basket share for me.  The weekly add-on items change and you order them in advance.   Fun, local, yummy stuff!

This week includes the beef share.   It was a full cooler load from York’s Meats in Fallon.

The packages range in portion size but included top sirloin (x2), rib steaks, chuck steak, carne asada (x2), ground beef (x5), and chuck roast.

We are pretty excited to try some Nevada beef — especially after a few weeks of heavy greens.



Super Chef Sunday

When I am in the right mood (and have tons of energy), Sunday is the day that I prep as much food for the rest of the week as I can manage.   What I try to do is pack the fridge with easy dinners for the week and lunch ideas to keep us from eating out or having junk food.   I was on it today.   ON IT.   I managed to try three new recipes, clean and prep a ton of veggies and we actually had homemade breakfast, lunch and dinner.   I am SUPER CHEF!   (taaa–daaaa!)

These were the recipes that I wanted to try:

Beer Braised Beef

Stuffed Chard

Spinach Soup

My new blog friend over at    suggested the beef and chard recipes.   Great tips and a very friendly blog.

And, here are a few shots of how the kitchen chaos went down for the day:

Gathering the ingredients … thankfully, there is no shortage of beer at our house.  The beer braised beef was pretty simple to get going.

This is the ground turkey and fixin’s for the stuffed chard. It smelled soooo good.

The chard is par-boiled and draining. I’m hoping for the best at this point.

It wasn’t easy to stuff and roll these bad boys up, but it wasn’t too hard. The reward will be seen later this week. Yum.

Oh, my buttery creamy goodness. Popeye would love this spinach soup. Nom.

One more shot of the soup. I snarfed it up with chunks of cheesy, hearty sourdough bread. Reward for all of the standing around in the kitchen when it was actually a nice day outside.