Gettin' fresh … in Northern Nevada

Great Basin Basket Share, Week Seven

What’s in the box this week?
Green Garlic – Lattin Farms

Hakurei Turnips – Pick’n & Grin’n @ Lattin Farms

Green or Red Cabbage – Pioneer Farms

Darkibor Kale – Pick’n & Grin’n @ Lattin Farms

Sunflower Shoots – Dayton Valley Aquaponics

Gourmet Lettuce – Pick’n & Grin’n @ Lattin Farms

Beets with Greens – Pick’n & Grin’n @ Lattin Farms

Celery – Pioneer Farms

Zucchini – First Fruits Sustainable Farms

Spinach – Pick’n & Grin’n @ Lattin Farms

Spring Onions – Pioneer Farms

Now that summer is in full effect, my family has been pretty busy so it’s a little hard to be creative with the weekly ingredients. Plus, it’s hot and I don’t feel like cooking fancy. We tried a couple of the meats last week and they were very good quality but the rest of everything has been big salads or a quick stir fry. We stopped the bread share because, while it was very good, we weren’t finishing it. Dog days hit us early, I suppose.

I was happy to see the onions this week. They are beautiful and smell wonderful!

We are heading out to go camping. See ya next week!

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