Gettin' fresh … in Northern Nevada

Adventures in Fruit Cutting

One of the hardest parts of getting a big box of fruit is that you have to prepare or process it all before it goes bad.   And, now that it is warmer here, it seems that the fruit ripens a lot faster.    Yesterday was a fruit cutting day.   Pineapple, mangoes and papayas.   Bountiful Baskets apparently gets a lot of fruit from Mexico.

Fresh fruit is a treat for me so it usually doesn’t last long at my house.   Plus, I love to freeze it and add it to smoothies or ice cream.   Here’s a look at my handiwork:



Pretty exciting, huh?   Not.   Well, I was all chop-chop-chop in uniform (hahaha) sizes until I got to the mango.



Now, let’s clarify a bit here.   I like mango-flavored stuff and didn’t really think that cutting up a mango was a technical skill.  Ooooh, how I was wrong.

I didn’t know fruit preparation required Google instructions until now.

Apparently, the pit thing on these babies is kind of weird.   It’s not like a peach, for example.   I was expecting this to be like an avocado.   Nope.   Whole new adventure.    You kind of have to cut into it hoping to avoid the non-pit, hard area and then surgically remove the good fruit stuff from the peel.   Mmmm-kay.   Whatever.



Then, there was my next mystery fruit.   Clearly, these are not grown in Nevada.   I had to ask what this is.    I have been told that it is a papaya.   And, while I have eaten dried papaya and had papaya-flavored things, I had not cut a fresh one until now.    This little sucker was worse than the mango.   I have no idea what the proper technique is.   But, I kinda adopted the mango-method and then peeled it with a paring knife.   I ended up with tiny (yet tasty) bits of sort of smashed papaya.   They will taste good IN something but not so great to just eat on their own.



This is a closer look at the non-pit thing.   What the heck?   You can’t just easily separate it from the fruit part.   Maybe, I should check Pinterest.   I dunno.



Anyone have some good tips on dealing with these tropical babies?   Magic peeling wand?   Is there a uni-tasker for papayas?


2 responses

  1. Our next door neighbors had a papaya tree in Hawaii, and they’d share the ripe fruit with us, but that was a different papaya–large and green on the outside, black seeds in the center, so I’m no help.
    The fruit looks amazing, though!

    June 4, 2013 at 4:39 pm

    • Hmmm. I’m wondering if it’s not a papaya now? That would be funny. I originally thought it was something else. OH, dear. hahahaha

      June 5, 2013 at 8:56 am

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