Gettin' fresh … in Northern Nevada

Not-So-Local Fruit Salad



I love fresh fruit and my Bountiful Basket from last week was full of it!   Then, there’s the matter of a touch of leftover mint from Kentucky Derby Juleps and some rhubarb syrup that I made.   Let’s go with a fancy schmancy fruit salad, shall we?

First up, cantaloupe.    Fresh and ripe … but, definitely not a Fallon, Nevada, Heart of Gold.   Those are the best.



These watermelon had the thinnest rind I have ever seen … very sweet and tasty.



I love pineapple.   Now, don’t get all wound up … they do not grow pineapples in Nevada (that I am aware of).   Remember, this is a food co-op and we got these lovelies from Mexico.    I am having some local food guilt about it.   Well, maybe, I will after I’m done eating it.   They are very good and the co-op prices are awesome.



Grapefruit.   I love how it smells.   But, gawd, it is so bitter.   I even sectioned these out and yowza-TART!



The full fancy schmancy fruit salad … ta da!    I drizzled a little bit of the rhubard syrup and some finely chopped mint for the final touch.    And, while the grapefruit was not my favorite, I think the blend of flavors was just right.




What’s on the calendar for this week?    There’s a new Bountiful Basket coming tomorrow.   And, hopefully, I’ll post a little bit more.   It’s busy here in the desert.   And, I spend way too much time reading and commenting on other blogs.   I need to get my bloggy act together.  I think the local foodie guilt is bringing my blog motivation down.   I’m sure there’s something more profound to it all and I could get all twisty about Monsanto or Food Revolution Day but, nah … I don’t have it in me today.

What have you been doing lately?   Do you have local foodie guilt?  Share something with me.

3 responses

  1. Sharlea,
    Life is too short for guilt about food. Enjoy (looks like you are with that fruit salad!) instead.
    I don’t have local food guilt, I have local food envy. But in less than 2 weeks I will be blessed with the first farm share box so I won’t be envious of Heather’s California boxes.
    If you’d like some blogging motivation, I have 66 recipes developed, made, and photographed. Would you like to help me write up posts around them? Because I need some motivation to get on that. Instead I’m more motivated to clean up for my in-law’s visit.

    May 19, 2013 at 6:57 am

    • Oh geez … We just moved and put in 1/4 acreof lawn. My problem is that I’m too tired to blog. And the weather is nice.

      May 19, 2013 at 8:14 am

  2. I am a sucker for fruit so I tend to bend my rules when it comes to sweet and juicy pineapple 🙂

    Thanks for sharing and linking up!

    May 22, 2013 at 11:32 pm

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