Gettin' fresh … in Northern Nevada

My Local Food Co-Op

Instead of doing the CSA subscription this year, I have decided to forage for Fresh Veggies in the Desert on my own.   I love Lattin Farms and had a blast with the weekly CSA box last year.   No complaints.   I would just like to try something different.   And, I noticed lots of opportunities to get some of my farm favorites from local stores as well.   So, you can still expect to see Fallon produce at my house this year.

Today’s visit is to the Great Basin Community Food Co-Op in downtown Reno.   This fantastic store has grown from a tiny little co-op to a real, live contender to the regular chain grocery store.   I am smitten.   There are lots of ways to become a member and get a discount.  But, if you just want to drop by and shop, no problem.   Everyone is welcome!   For more info, please check out the GBCFC website HERE.   Or, check them out of Facebook HERE.

The store is located at 240 Court Street, near Arlington and the Truckee River.  Parking is odd but it’s downtown so either hope for some of the limited spots in their lot or buck up and figure out how to use the meter kiosk.   The Co-Op is in that funky Spanish-style building.   If you’ve wandered past Wingfield Park or out of the downtown casinos, you’ve seen it.


Look at this produce section!   Wowzers.    Now, to be fair, this is not all grown in Nevada-proper.   But, Reno sits pretty darn close to California so that’s kinda local, right??    It’s all organic and beautiful.   There was lemongrass, fresh ginger and horseradish–not just your standard fare, here.


Squashies, apples and pears.   WHAT??!   Is that a Honey Crisp apple?   OMG.  I love this place.


Then, I saw this.   Fill your own container with honey.   Or vinegar.  Or olive oil.    REALLY!


What?   You forgot to bring your own container?   Here’s some:


The Co-Op packages up sandwiches and salads in the cooler for a quick lunch or snack.   Then, if you want to linger, there is a full upstairs with books and gifts to peruse.    I think I saw a seating area up there, too.   This place is a hidden treasure downtown.

The prices are fair but not cheap.  It’s Reno’s local Whole Foods.   Only better.   Because it’s not a chain store.   And a couple of other reasons.

There were just so many great things about this store that I couldn’t possibly pack it all into one post.   They have a locally roasted, proprietary blend of GBCFC coffee for crying out loud!    (Whole bean bag purchased, more on this later.)

You can bet I’ll be going back there and sharing more discoveries with you.

Do you have a local food co-op?   What do you think about it?   How does it compare to my desert oasis, the GBCFC?

2 responses

  1. Sounds marvelous–I really like to read about happy local shopping experiences.

    April 25, 2013 at 2:00 pm

    • I was giddy about the store. My husband thought I was being ridiculous … until he found the beer section.

      April 25, 2013 at 2:47 pm

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