Gettin' fresh … in Northern Nevada

NuVal Scoring

My regular, chain store for groceries here in Reno, Nevada, is Raley’s.    I remember going to Raley’s with my grandparents when I was little and we lived on the other side of town.   It’s comfortable, clean and they are always nice.   It’s my home store for almost everything when I don’t have a CSA box full of fruits and veggies.

Raley’s recently changed their rewards program to Something Extra, and, well, I wasn’t terribly excited about it.  But, it has grown on me over time.    Part of the program is called Something Extra–Try It and offers the opportunities for freebies to try something new.   OK, I’m sport.   What’s new, Raley’s?

This week is all about the NuVal Scoring System and can be found on the shelving price tags for most grocery products in the store.

The Raley’s website lists the following information:

The science behind NuVal

The NuVal Nutritional Scoring System was developed by a team of leading nutrition and medical experts. Using a patent-pending algorithm, the system considers over30 different nutrients and nutrition factors, as well as their influence on health to give you a fair account of a food’s nutritional value.

Here’s where some of your favorite foods net out:

  • Produce, seafood and natural foods tend to rank the highest
  • Cereals range from 2 to 96, with an average NuValScore of 27
  • Pastas range from 2 to 91, with an average NuValScore of 56
  • Soups range from 1 to 87, with an average NuValScore of 27

For me, I started hearing about NuVal about a year or so ago and did notice the scores at Raley’s a while ago.   It hasn’t changed much about my shopping but it is nice to see a system to rate how different products fare on nutritional value.   It is surprising to see how some canned goods rank, especially those soups, etc that are supposed to be pretty healthy.   You might reconsider based on their NuVal scores.

And, to be fair, I was asked by the Something Extra program to blog about NuVal today and will receive credit in their freebie program for posting this.   I am looking for some feedback … Have you seen NuVal scores at your local store yet?   Do you pay much attention?   I would love to read some comments about how it has changed your meal planning or recipes.


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