Gettin' fresh … in Northern Nevada

Fall CSA, Week One

Time flies when you are having fun.   Can you believe that this CSA adventure started six months ago?   Wow.    I had no idea how amazing the whole process would be.    Or, that I would enjoy blogging about it this much.

So, what’s in the veggie box this week?    It was another hefty load.   I carried both the fruit and veggies boxes but probably should have opted for a cart again.   Heavy squashes make for quite a workout.

This week’s contents are a nice bag of mixed peppers, garlic, early girl tomatoes, heirloom tomatoes, A PUMPKIN! (Winter Luxury), acorn squash, two bags of summer squash, green beans, parsley, purslane (what’s that?  click HERE) and potatoes.

The fruit box was full of all kinds of apples, more peaches and pears and a nice sprinkle of prunes.   I have a cool recipe post for prunes coming up later this week.   Keep an eye out for it.

I just have to add another photo with that pumpkin.   I think it is adorable.

The volunteer at the CSA pickup site said this is a good baking pumpkin.   I don’t know what your weekend plans are but I’m thinking that my oven will be going … roasting pumpkins and squash all weekend.    Any suggestions or tips??


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  1. That really is a cute pumpkin! I had a bunch of uninvited pumpkins grace my garden this summer, so I blogged about processing them in my first week of blogging: My key advice is to put them cut side DOWN in the pan, and add water. Easy peasy. So far I’ve enjoyed the pumpkin puree in muffins, but I’ve got a lot in the freezer (and 4 more pie pumpkins on the counter to go!) so I’m looking to branch out.

    October 5, 2012 at 9:22 am

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