Gettin' fresh … in Northern Nevada

Summer CSA, Week Twelve

What’s in the last box of summer?    Loads of great stuff, that’s what!

Cherry tomatoes, cinnamon basil (yes, it totally smells like cinnamon!), garlic, mixed peppers, eggplant (omg-ugh), onions, summer squash, delicata squash, acorn squash, heirloom tomatoes, early girl tomatoes, potatoes and radishes


What’s in the fruit share this week?

Peaches, pears, apples and PRUNES!    I have never seen a real, live FRESH prune before today.    Hmmm.   I wonder what they taste like raw-not dehydrated?    Stay tuned.   Later this week, we’ll find out …

But, for tonight, there is a little boy who loves apples!

Look, Mom, NO HANDS!


4 responses

  1. Cinnamon basil? yum!! ps: your son is freaking adorable…

    September 28, 2012 at 5:54 am

  2. Prunes are great to put in a crock pot with meat – it’s a tenderizer like tomatoes are!

    September 28, 2012 at 9:00 pm

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