Gettin' fresh … in Northern Nevada

Picklin’ Mania … The Dill Version

My fallback in years past when I didn’t want to waste something or just needed to save food for later was to put it in the freezer.    This year, I have frozen a lot of the fruit from my CSA that I thought would be good in a pie or smoothie or anything else for a month or two down the road.   Ziploc bag it and done.

Well, well, well.  I have found a new way (for me) to preserve.   I can’t believe I was afraid to try this in the past.   Seriously, pickling things is super easy.   Especially refrigerator pickles.   Geesh.   I love pickled things!   Why didn’t I start this sooner?   I’m sure my grandmother would give me a sharp “I told you so” right about now.   I remember my grandparents canning and pickling all sorts of things.   It just never really occurred to me that I could do it until now.

Today was pickle-a-palooza at my house.   I used this basic recipe for most things dill and went crazy.   It’s not rocket science.   Anyone can do this.

I prefer the bread and butter pickle recipe that I did a while back but my husband loves all things dill.   And, since these are all going to be stored in his beer refrigerator, I figured that I should at least make what he likes.

  First, I made dill pickles.   Just regular ol’ pickles.

  Then, I decided that dill green beans would be freakin’ super awesome for bloody marys and football season.   Ya!

  And, here, this is where I lost my mind and went all idiot-savant pickler.    I had purple green beans.   Wouldn’t they be awesome pickled???

   Really.   Fantastic.  Idea.

   And, for good measure, I had to do some bell peppers.   Did I mention that I love pickled things?!  At this point, I think I was in a vinegar haze.   I would have pickled just about anything if I had not run out of clean jars.

Has picking mania struck your house yet?   If you are in harvest mode, you understand.   If not, watch out.   This is worse than when the zucchini plants go wild.   Trust me.


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  1. Wow! I’m in love with your blog! Thanks for finding me and for the follow! Just wanted to check things out and return the favor. Looking forward to following along with your CSA adventures. 🙂

    September 3, 2012 at 11:45 am

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