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Ode to Pinterest and Trying New Recipes

Here I go again … Pinterest recipe time!    Cheesy Jalapeno Popper Stuffed Chicken.    Ya, you read that right.   Sounds crazy indulgent?   Not really.   The chicken is baked and there’s low fat cheeses.    That’s better than some stuff I have seen on Pinterest.   So, I tried it.    AND, I actually followed the recipe (OMG), you can find it HERE.   It was kind of complicated and I didn’t want to touch my camera with raw chicken hands so … here’s the end result:

Lookin’ pretty good.  Tastin’ even better.   We will be keeping that recipe for future meal plan rotations.

Then, I needed to use more squash from the CSA box so I decided to try a baked version of the fried squash I did last week.    I found this recipe at A Tribute to Country Fried Fair Vegetables, by Lettuce Never Squash Our Love.   It’s the same egg wash and dip routine with a couple of twists that I think were just plain great ideas!    Instant mashed potatoes for the breading!   And, baking.   Not fried.   Two thumbs up!

Oh, wait … I did modify it. I added just a touch of cornmeal to the mix. I couldn’t help it.

These browned up nice and crisp. Better than fried!

Have you tried any new Pinterest recipes lately?   I know someone who had a Pinterest party and everyone brought something they had seen on the website.   Super fun!

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  1. looks delish!

    August 7, 2012 at 8:02 pm

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