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Yellow Squash Quiche and Arava Melon

Here’s an attempt to use some of my CSA veggies in a different recipe.   Sunday breakfast is normally a big deal at our house but I didn’t feel like the standard eggs, bacon or pancakes routine.   I went for quiche!

I loosely started with the idea of a basic Betty Crocker quiche recipe.   Of course, where I ended up wasn’t really the recipe but if you need the instructions to get started on your own, go here.   Then, just make taste modifications to what you like.   Experiment with it!

I like veggies (duh) so squash in my breakfast sounds tasty.   If you aren’t a squash fan, any mix of veggies, meat (or not) and cheese works well.   Pre-made pie crusts are the way to go for me but you can save a few bucks by making your own.   I just don’t have the patience.   Maybe, I should try a little bit harder on that one … on a different day.

Here’s the important stuff:   THE PICTURES

Chop up some squash

Halve some yellow cherry tomatoes


add some green pepper for a little bit of color


add bacon … everything is better with bacon

In the pie crusts with bacon and then cheese. This is the point where you whip up some eggs and pour it over the top. Pour SLOWLY. Trust me on this one.

Bake at 350 for 45 minutes. Unless you live at 6,000 feet elevation … it was over an hour!


Arava melon, looks like cantaloupe on the outside and honeydew on the inside … tastes super sweet.









One response

  1. mmmm Bacon!

    Thanks for sharing and linking up. That melon looks juicy and delicious 🙂

    August 7, 2012 at 1:07 am

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