Gettin' fresh … in Northern Nevada

Cherries, Cherries, Cherries!

So, that big bag o’ wonderful cherries was starting to turn south on me (in a hurry!) and I thought I needed to find some way to save them.   My mom said “just freeze them.”

I knew this required pitting them.   And, if I was going to pit them, I wanted to do something a little more amazing than the standard ziploc freezer bag.

Oh, ya.  It was time for the big guns.   You know what I’m talkin’ bout … BOOZE!

And, thanks to my trusty friend, Google, I learned a new trick to pitting a cherry.  Keep reading … I’ll share.

The tools of my trade (and the crime scene before I made a complete mess).   Cherries, jars and a straw?

Here’s the trick:   You take a pretty sturdy straw (not just the disposable kind) and stick it into a cherry where the stem grows.   On the smaller, Rainier cherries, I didn’t have to even push the straw all the way through, the straw was just the right size to release the pit.   On the Bing cherries, I usually had to push it all the way through the whole cherry.   Not too difficult, but a little messy.

I had a pretty cute little helper that thought it was hilarious to look through the cherries and, then, put them on his fingers (in olive-eating fashion).

Aren’t they gorgeous?   I hope there are more in this week’s CSA box.   (I know.  After all of the cherry drama from last week, I’ll be surprised to see what happens.   Check it out here.)

You might be wondering what I did with all of these glorious cherries.   Well, there was a significant loss factor from my helper eating more than I could pit but I did manage to save some of them.   (mwuh ha ha–evil laugh)

Mmmmmm.   Booze Hound Maker’s Mark Cherries, what’s not to love?

And, BONUS RECIPE TIME, cherry pit vinegar.   Just add apple cider vinegar to the jar of leftover pits and soak.  I’m hoping for a a nice cherry vinegarette dressing in the future.

Whaddya think?   Do you want to come over for one of my fancy salads and eat some boozed up cherries?   (I’m sure there will be a follow-up post to this with some ridiculous drunken typos on a later date.)

3 responses

  1. I’m always down for fancy salads and drunken cherries!

    Thanks for linking up 🙂

    July 23, 2012 at 6:27 am

    • I am certain that if we lived closer to each other … that’s exactly what we would do all of the time!

      July 24, 2012 at 2:31 am

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