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Chicken Broccoli Mushroom Bread Bake

This idea came from my CSA’s weekly newsletter.   They have a very nice blog post that includes the recipe HERE.   If you have been paying attention to my other blog posts, I don’t do well following instructions so, of course, I modified the recipe just a bit.   This issue follows me through most of the other areas in my life.   Oh, well.   I am who I am.

Here are my changes:

I thought we were going to make calzones a couple of weeks ago so I had some pre-made pizza dough in my fridge.   I used that instead of the crescent roll dough in the recipe.   I added the fresh mushroom from my CSA box and I used cream of mushroom soup  instead of mayonnaise.   And, I didn’t do the fancy braid mentioned in the recipe.   That just sounded like work and, frankly, the instructions were confusing to me.

Other notes:   The time factor was a little higher for me than expected.   Cooking the chicken took forever (it seemed) but the rest of the cleaning, chopping, fussing with the dough wasn’t that bad.  I mixed the broccoli, cheese, spices, etc and just spread it out on the dough and folded it over before adding the egg wash to the outside.   Not complicated but a little tedious.

So, on to the photos (because I know that’s really what you want to see) …

Mushrooms are very photogenic.  I am just learning this.   I never thought I would be taking this many pictures of vegetables in my life!

The eeewwy-gooey factor was high on this dish and the flavor was just as yummy.

I overstuffed it a bit but am pretty happy with the results.   This is a good make ahead and reheat idea.   If you are really organized, you could get it done in an hour to make on a weeknight.   It ended up baking for about twenty minutes at 400 degrees.

I love cheesy, baked things so this recipe will definitely make the regular rotation.   Will you try it?


One response

  1. This looks SOOOO good. I am all about the oooey gooey…and I LOVE bread…match made in heaven 🙂

    Come and link up when you get a chance… Thanks in advance!!!

    June 27, 2012 at 4:28 am

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