Gettin' fresh … in Northern Nevada

Food Processing Adventures with Roasted Garlic and Greens Pesto

I had a brilliant epiphany last week about what to do with all of the greens that are coming with the (is it STILL?) spring CSA subscription here in Northern Nevada.

Make your own pesto!   It hadn’t occurred to me until just recently that pesto isn’t just about our beautiful friend, Mr. Basil.   You can make it with just about any green.   And, BONUS, the garlic was starting to stack up from each week so it was a perfectly good excuse to soak all of them in olive oil and fill the house with the heavenly aroma of fresh, roasted garlic.    Mmmmmm.   No vampires will be near my home anytime soon.

I remember the first time I had roasted garlic at a fancy (overpriced) restaurant.   I thought it was one of the most luxurious things I had ever eaten.   I still think it is amazing but I now know how simple (and cheap) it is to do at home.   It only takes time.

I really think blogs should have smell-o-vision.  You are missing out by not being able to fully experience the goodness that is happening here.

I did a little bit of Google-research and found that pesto is really just some greens and garlic; some people add cheese, some people add pinenuts or sunflower seeds or even walnuts.   And, I made basil pesto several years ago so it was not totally scary territory for me.   Just blend and go.

Well.   There is a bit of a confession in the middle here.   I used FIVE bags of greens so there was some cleaning and cutting.   (Two kinds of chard, mixed greens and two bags of beet greens)   And, my hand blender was really not the right tool for the job.

LIGHTNING BOLT!  I’m so embarrassed to admit this but I forgot/ignored all of the accessories that came with my Braun Professional Food Processor that I had just decided it was only an immersion blender.   OMG-DUH-FACE/PALM.   Here’s a peek at the full box of stuff that I shoved under the counter and just realized that I could use:

Ya … those are the instructions in the background.   Shocking.

At any rate, when utilized properly, this bad boy is pretty darn handy.   I might try that banana ice cream thing again instead of buying a Yonanas! machine that will only collect dust on my counter.

OK.  Back to the pesto!

I chopped and blended and added garlic until it smelled good.   I realize this is not a very scientific recipe but that’s how I cook.   By smell.   I’m in big trouble if the schnooz ever breaks!

I even used all of the olive oil from the pan that I roasted the garlic.   I figured that was the magic sauce to make all things wonderful.

It looks like guacamole here but, trust me, it is good, good, good!

Of course, I had a big jar to keep it safe in the fridge.   (that jar collection is getting more use!)   And, my plans for this masterpiece?   We are going camping in a couple of weeks and I am going to slather the entire jar over a huge hunk of halibut (or other sturdy white fish) and BBQ on the grill.   Then, I think a full dust of chopped tomatoes would be the perfect kiss of fresh to make it sublime.

What do you think?    Are you going to try your own pesto concoction?


One response

  1. I can only imagine how delicious that roasted garlic smelled!

    Come and link up this recipe to the link party when you get a chance…

    ps: Love that you cook by smell…amazing!

    June 26, 2012 at 6:25 am

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