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Why I Saved Those Baby Food Jars from Three Years Ago

OK.   I know sometimes I save things for stupid reasons.   I know they are stupid reasons.   And, sometimes, years later, I even throw away the things that I saved for stupid reasons.   I am not a hoarder.   But, I do have a hard time throwing something in the garbage that I think still has value.

I save jars.   Pickle jars, mason jars, big jars, little jars and I especially could not throw away baby food jars.   Maybe, it is because they are cute.  Maybe, is a baby mama thing.   But, more likely, it’s probably because baby food is so expensive and I wanted to get my money’s worth.   I just keep thinking that they will make great storage for something.   Anything.    Well, I found it!

Remember that post a while back about dried herbs from my weekly CSA box?   Hmmm … this post right HERE?

Well, here’s the finished product …

I thought my little jars were perfect.   I was almost validated in storing them for unknown reason for so long.   Almost.

And, if this post had smell-o-vision, you would be so jealous.   The thyme was yummy.   The parsley just right.   But, the licorice smell of the fennel was perfectly divine.

2 responses

  1. Amazing! Such a smart idea 🙂 Who needs store bought when you have fresh dried herbs packaged so nicely and neatly!

    June 16, 2012 at 5:13 pm

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